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We will take correct measurements from you and order the right stockings for you. There is a selection of standard-sized treatment stockings on the spot. Feel free to contact us and together we will find the right product for you.


Every swelling problem has a solution, together we will be able to find it

Based on the experience of MediPlus, all the leading lymphatic therapists and doctors, preventing edema is an easier and cheaper solution than treating the problem afterwards.

Prevention is the best medicine

Having a standing or sedentary job and feeling that your legs are tired by the evening, you should take that as a first sign that you need to see a lymphatic therapist for relevant consultation.

Postoperative reduction of swelling accelerates recovery

Having stubborn swelling after oncological, joint replacement, plastic surgery or trauma, it is extremely important to reduce swelling as quickly as possible. This is so since reducing swelling allows for the body to start recovering. Recovery is faster if the body does not have to deal with inflammation caused by swelling, or with limited movement due to pain and swelling.

Instructions for the correct use of compression products/stockings

During pregnancy, there is a high risk for varicose veins and mild edema. Properly measured support stockings and their proper use will help maintain the good health of your feet even after pregnancy. We help you to find the most suitable product and teach you how to use it.

Külli Erik, employee of MediPlus, has a professional certificate in lymphatic therapy and she has been working for more than 10 years with clients with edema problems.

MediPlus has a contract with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF). It's possible to use the EHIF discount of up to 90% on products purchased from us




What are edema products and why are they needed?

This review considers medical stockings as the main prophylactic aids for emerging varicose veins and as the main reducers of already existing edema. We find out why you need to consult a specialist when buying such a product, at least on the first time. Why is medical edema suppressor or compression stocking needed? Wearing the…


Who am I?

I am Külli, therapist at the Medi Plus clinic. I graduated from Mi Massage School on 2003 and started working in the “Kaunis Kaunimaks” salon, initially mostly as a masseuse. In addition to my work, I immediately started studying lymphatic therapy, as Raili Raik, a renowned lymphatic therapist and lecturer in Estonia, worked with me.…


Support stockings for a kindergarten teacher

People with swelling due to lymphatic problems need daily support from compression products. Of course, it is best to order custom-made stockings. This way, the wearer of the product can choose the support device that best suits their needs. If you spend most of the day with thick tights, it is very important that they…


Compression stocking for an athletic foot

Highly active and athletic man found an excellent solution for foot swelling caused by his disease. His compression stocking was sewn into silicone pads and these are virtually invisible. Everyone knows that exercise is useful and necessary. The support stocking also helps to continue doing your favourite sport in case of ailments. If there are…


Compression stockings

Compression tights are compression pads installed in the ankle area, which are precisely measured according to the client’s swelling area and are made to order. The pads are relatively imperceptible, but their efficiency is extremely high. On the other leg, we had a pad installed to reduce the onset of swelling. The feedback from the…