Who am I?

I am Külli, therapist at the Medi Plus clinic. I graduated from Mi Massage School on 2003 and started working in the “Kaunis Kaunimaks” salon, initially mostly as a masseuse. In addition to my work, I immediately started studying lymphatic therapy, as Raili Raik, a renowned lymphatic therapist and lecturer in Estonia, worked with me. Together with Raili, we were the first in Estonia to start receiving patients with edema. Gradually, the customer base grew, as did the demand for larger rooms and for a bigger team. This meant that in 2015, we established the Lymphatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic on Madara Street. The clinic is involved with specialists from different fields of therapy so that the results of treatment could be maximised. Working there, I also gained most of my experience that allowed for me to move on. During my time working at the clinic, I acquired the professional standard of a lymphatic therapist in 2015. Since then, I am a certified lymphatic therapist.

In the course of my everyday work, I began to specialise on support products more and more, this is an integral part of lymphatic therapy. I familiarised myself with the differences between compression stockings (support stockings, support knee socks, sleeves, gloves, special solutions), materials and products of different manufacturers; this allows to find the most suitable product for the client. Each lymphatic therapy is followed up with a suitable product that is necessary for maintaining the achieved result. This necessitates special measurements which would allow to order the exactly suitable product for the client. To do this, I went to study in various factories in Germany that specialise in producing compression products. There, I participated in several trainings, which have given me the skills necessary to today work as an edema product specialist.

I am sincerely delighted, if we achieve the expected result in co-operation with the client. It can sometimes take time to find the perfect product, but since I like to solve puzzles, then this kind of workflow is terribly exciting for me, it can be said that my work is also my hobby. 🙂

This year, I started my own private practice, Medi Plus Estonia, where I now receive both my past and future clients. It is located on the premises of the Mustamäe Fertilitas Clinic.

I want my clients to feel that they are not alone in their swelling-related worries. Many live for years with large swellings and do not even know this to be the case. If my knowledge and abilities can alleviate a person’s problem and, in this way, add joy to their lives, then that is my goal and I am happy to go to work every morning.

The sincere gratitude of clients is the best motivator to continue developing myself and continue this journey in the fields of lymphatic therapy and compression products.