Support stockings for a kindergarten teacher

People with swelling due to lymphatic problems need daily support from compression products. Of course, it is best to order custom-made stockings. This way, the wearer of the product can choose the support device that best suits their needs. If you spend most of the day with thick tights, it is very important that they would not be start creating grooves in the skin or would not sink lower and that the wearer would feel comfortable. In this stocking, an extra part of extra stretching material is added to the product for large painful toes and heels, as to prevent the accumulation of lymph fluid around the ankle. The woman for whom we ordered these specific tights works in a kindergarten, where it is constantly necessary to squat and kneel, so we added more elastic material to the knees. 

Do you need treatment stockings? And how to order them? Leave it to the therapist. You do not have to know everything yourself. A lymphatic therapist usually cannot handle singing lessons for thirty preschool children, and the educator does not need to know about compression classes. If you find yourself constantly massaging your feet, there is already a reason to call. Lymphedema is very common. With the right diagnosis and in collaboration with a therapist and using the right stockings, it can be controlled, and your quality of life will improve. Happy and confident kindergarten teacher can react faster to the cheerful shouts of children and be present even as a crawling Indian. This is our great desire and co-operation.