What are edema products and why are they needed?

This review considers medical stockings as the main prophylactic aids for emerging varicose veins and as the main reducers of already existing edema. We find out why you need to consult a specialist when buying such a product, at least on the first time.

Why is medical edema suppressor or compression stocking needed?

Wearing the correct medical stockings evens out the blood circulation and the pressure from the stocking directs excess fluid in the body, thus it is prevented from accumulating under the skin. Proper application of the product usually reduces swelling within a few days. Care must be taken to ensure that the pressure on the edge of the stocking would not reach the knee joint where a groove of pressure can emerge.

What is the range of swelling reduction products sold by us?

All products – sleeves, gloves, stockings – can be chosen with different thickness of material and depending on the nature of the swelling, thus choosing either a thicker and more supportive product or a thinner and more prophylactic one. As customers want to wear thinner socks in spring and summer, then Medi Plus has also stocked thin transparent treatment socks.

Are there any restrictions on how often the product can be worn?

The beneficial effects of the edema stocking are manifested during physical activity, such as walking or going to store, but also at times when there is more movement and standing. It is recommended to wear the stocking every day if you have a job which requires a lot of work standing up. Just as the human body tires with age, so can the lymphatic and vascular system need support. Supporting your lymphatic system, you can prevent comorbidities such as rosacea, ulcers and chronic venous inflammation.

Are there any contraindications for the use of compression products?

As with other medical devices, compression stockings also have contraindications. Those contraindications include uncompensated heart failure, acute rosacea, severe hypertension, pain. Be sure to stop wearing the stockings immediately upon feeling pain, your hands or feet going numb. While buying medical stockings for your parents or grandparents, it is important to consult a specialist first and if necessary, the therapist will refer the person-in-need to the doctor or is able to recommend the necessary procedures before the stockings can be put on.

How to find the right compression product for yourself?

If you are of the opinion that you would need a compression product for varicose veins or for your loved ones who have problems with swelling, then please write to info@mediplus.ee, book a time for appointment HERE or find an opportunity to use Facebook for writing us. We will answer to you within one business day. There is also an option to call to Medi Plus at 5804 8022. The therapist will contact you and it is possible to get a product that meets your measurements and wishes.

How much do the products cost?

Medical compression product has a RAL standard and it is designated as a medical device. We only sell controlled medical compression devices. Standard size knee socks cost ca 35 – 55 euros. Standard size stockings are in the price range of 55 – 96 euros. Due to Medi Plus also having a discount from the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, then it is possible for clients to receive a 90% discount on products bought with a prescription, thus only paying 10% of the product price.
You can find a more detailed list of products, with a price list HERE!

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